English Pronunciation

Pronunciation Lessons

English Alphabet

As you might already know, all languages have alphabets. Technically, they are the basic structure creating words. We are going to teach you all of them here.
English Alphabet

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English Multigraphs

What Are English multigraphs? How do we use them? How can we find them in different words in the English language? In this part, we will learn all about them.
English Multigraphs

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As you might know, we have both vowels and consonants when it comes to English sounds. Now, if you wanna speak English fluently join us and see what vowels are.

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Consonants are a big part of sounds, the other part being the vowels. In this part, we are going to learn about each and every consonant in English.

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Phonological Concepts

In order to master all the details in phonology, we have provided some for you regarding phonological concepts. I'm sure you'll learn a lot here. C'mon.

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