Learn languages the smart way

Learn with LanGeek

LanGeek is a language learning platform that helps you learn easier, faster and smarter.

Main Features

Here are some of the features available at Langeek to help you achieve your language learning goals.

Learn with a Dynamic Platform

LanGeek is smart, alive and curious. It monitors your progress while learning and every time you learn something, it notices and will change your learning path accordingly, For each individual learner, LanGeek offers a unique learning world.

AI Based Real-World Examples

We use real examples from written and spoken sources. These examples are categorized by difficulty and will be shown to you, according to your level to maximize your learning efficiency.

Fun Learning Tools

LanGeek will help you use what you have learned in real world. We will provide you with entertaining content (including music, movies, books, etc.) suitable to your level of language proficiency.


Vocabulary learning is the most important stepping stone in learning a new language. LanGeek uses illustrations and simple definitions to help you learn words easier.

But learning a new word is far beyond just learning its meaning. There are so many aspects to each word like pronunciation, spelling, the way it is used in a sentence or its grammatical gender in some languages.

We research on each of these aspects and find creative and effective ways to teach a word the way it is supposed to be taught.



Words are like pieces of a puzzle. They are put together to convey meaning but there are only so many ways to use these words together. The rules by which words are combined into a sentence or change their forms are called grammar.

Learning grammar needs clear instructions and practice and that is exactly what we will provide.

In a series of categorized lessons with examples and practices, you can master grammar in no time.