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Just like stunt doubles for actors in action movies, pronouns are stunt doubles for nouns. They're ready to take actions when nouns are not there!

Pronouns in English Grammar

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Do you want to know how to talk about an action or event that happened a few seconds, a few years or even hundreds and thousands of years in the past or future?

Grammatical Tense in English

19 articles


Noun is the most populated country in the world of grammar. It is the first stepping stone of learning any new languages. So without further ado start learning!

Nouns in English Grammar

14 articles

Verbs and Voices

'Verb' originally meant 'word' in archaic languages. In the world of grammar, verbs are the second most populated country after nouns. Start your journey!

Verbs in English Grammar

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Grammatical mood is a special feature of the verbs that is used to indicate a modality. Modality represents the attitude of the speaker. Let's get to know them.

"Moods" in the English Grammar

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Modals and Semi-modals

In the country of verbs, 'modals' is one of its states where its population are special kinds of verbs. They have their own rules and behave differently.

Modals in English Grammar

24 articles


Adjectives are words that modify and describ the qualities or states of being of nouns or noun phrases. In this part, we will learn all about them.

Adjectives in the English Grammar

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Adjectives and adverbs are luxury words. You spend them to make your speech descriptive and lush. Adjectives decorate the nouns; adverbs ornament the verbs.

Adjectives and Adverbs in English Grammar

21 articles


Nouns usually don't want to be alone. The determiners are nouns' best friends. They are little words that come before nouns and give information about them.

Determiners in English Grammar

16 articles

Prepositions and Conjunctions

If you hear a person yell 'at!,' you'd probably think they're crazy! Prepositions are words that are basically meaningless unless they are used in a phrase.

Prepositions and Conjunctions

18 articles

Grammatical Functions

The grammatical function refers to the role a word or phrase plays in the context of a sentence. Here we will get to know them one by one.

Grammatical Functions

16 articles

Phrases and Clauses

Clause and phrases are groups of words that make up sentences, but clauses are complete thoughts and phrases are not.

Phrases and Clauses

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'I am' is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. If you want to know how to make the simplest or the most complicated sentence, start reading!

Words, Sentences and Clauses

23 articles

Punctuation and Spelling

Punctuation marks are like pieces of clothes that sentences wear to look good. These marks help the sentences' readability and make the speech more eloquent.

Punctuation and Spelling Rules in English

14 articles

Miscellaneous Grammar Subjects

In this part, we will look at miscellaneous subjects about the English language and English Grammar, such as gender, interjections, time-telling, and much more.

Miscellaneous Grammar Subjects

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Frequently asked questions

Here, we tackle a list of questions about the intricacies of English grammar such as the difference between words, or the correct ways to use a particular word (by itself or versus another word). And we have provided a brief answer to all these questions you can possibly have about grammatical notions. If you don’t find the questions you’re looking for, you can send it via ‘contact us’ page.

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