Hanged vs. Hung

Let us analyze this time what are the differences between these two. Do you know what they mean? How do we use them? Let's begin, then.

"Hanged" vs. "Hung" in the English Grammar

What Is Their Main Difference?

These words are variants of 'hang'. However, the standard past tense of 'hang' is basically 'hung'. We mainly use 'hung' to refer to an item/object or anything non-human being put in a high position and dangling freely. 'Hanged', however, is used when we put a thick robe around someone's neck and leave them dangling in the air till they die.


We mainly use 'hung' for any non-human thing/creature that is left dangling freely from a higher position in regards to someone/something else. Take a look below:

I think it would be better if I hung the picture on the other wall beside the window.

She hung the bag on the door handle and went to sleep.

'Hanged', however, is mainly used to refer to killing someone by putting a thick rope around their neck and leaving them hanging in the air. Check out the examples below:

Even a three year old girl was hanged during the Salem Witch Trials.

Not all serial killers have hanged their parents.


Both words are variants of the word 'hang'. Also, they both refer to someone/something dangling freely in the air. Let us analyze the examples below:

The judge announced that the culprit be hanged.

I sometimes think what would've happened if I had hung my clothes from the ceiling?

Are They Interchangeable?

Many people have discussed the use of these words and how we should use either. Basically, they can be used interchangeably as many native speakers dos o. Compare:

✓ Many people were hanged during the Great War.

✓ Many people were hung during the Great War.


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