Hold on vs. Hang on

This time, we wanna jump into this common pair in the English language. I'm sure you've wondered about their differences and similarities, haven't you?

"Hold on" vs. "Hang on" in the English Grammar

What Is Their Main Difference?

These two expressions are somehow the same. They both refer to gripping to someone/something in a literal sense and also being told to wait a short period of time.


As stated above, these two are the same. they have no differences.


Both are verb phrases. We have the same preposition 'on' in both. In a literal sense, we use both to refer to grasping something/someone firmly with our hands. Also, metaphorically speaking, both indicate waiting for a short period of time. Let us study the following examples:

Hang on, I'll be here in a minute.

She said 'hold on, I have to check up on my mom but she never returned.'

Are They Interchangeable?

These two phrases have been used interchangeably. Compare:

Hold on, my mom's calling and I have to answer.

Hang on, my mom's calling and I have to answer.


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