Theatre vs. Theater

Have you seen both forms before? Well, do you think they're the same? Or each might be a misspelling, you know. Well, come on.

"Theatre" vs. "Theater" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

Both refer to a place where dramatic plays are held. However, 'theatre' is the British spelling, whereas, 'theater' is the American spelling.


'Theatre' is the British spelling, while, 'theater' is the American spelling. Look below:

They're going to Her Majesty's theatre.

They set the theater on fire.


Both refer to a place in which dramatic plays are put on display. Check out the examples below:

The gates of the theater opened and the crowed rushed in.

When she was a child, she dreamt of becoming a theatre performer.

Are They Interchangeable?

They can be used instead of each other because they are one and the same. Compare:

✓ So, where's the theatre?

✓ So, where's the theater?


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