What Is a Pronoun and How Does It Help Us?

In every language we have a specific word for each concept or thing that we call it ‘noun’. we use their nouns to refer to things. In reality we talk about things a lot, and it is impractical to repeat their names every time we want to refer to something.

To make conversations easier, we came up with a simple and practical solution: a word that can substitute a noun (or name or pronoun) and prevent repetition. These types of words are called ‘Pronouns’. Pronouns are words that can substitute nouns and make sentences simpler and easier to understand.

It is important to mention that pronouns do not just substitute nouns and play the same role, they can also add to the meaning of the sentence by showing emphasis or preventing vagueness. This is why we have different types of pronouns. Each type is used for different functions and grammatical structures.

English has different types of pronouns. Each type has different functions and usually different forms. You can read about these types in further lessons.


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