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Suffixes are particles that are added to the end of a root or a stem. They do not have separate meanings but when they are added to the stem, they define the final meaning of the whole term.


Suffixes are particles with separate meanings placed at the end of a root or a stem. Adding them to our words defines the final meaning of the whole term.



In this lesson, we're going to work on the multigraph 'ism'. Care to learn more and see how we can have fun while learning about different multigraphs?



Affixes are like codes in a code language. With their help, you can decode the words in a language. Let's take a closer look at these codes!



So, let's start learning about the multigraph 'cious'. Have you read anything about it before? Well, let's begin, shall we?



We've decided to tell you about the multigraph 'cial'. No need to worry though. It's as easy as a piece of cake. C'mon.



In this lesson, I wanna tell you about the multigraph 'tial'. So, how have you enjoyed it so far? I hope you enjoying learning with me.



Are you familiar with all the multigraphs in the English language? Well, today I've decided to tell you all there is about 'tion'.



I'm pretty sure you've come across the multigraph 'sion' in different English words. Let's see what we'll learn about it. C'mon.



Now, we will learn all about the multigraph 'ous'. Although the appearance might look difficult, but trust me it's not. C'mon.



In this lesson, we've decided to teach you all there is about this multigraph. You still interested in expanding your knowledge of English sounds?



In this lesson, we're gonna learn all about the English multigraph 'ssion'. I hope you still wanna improve your English language proficiency.



On this page, you learn all the grammatical details of how to talk about one's nationality and different ways to talk about nationality.

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