Four Corners Vocabulary Wordlist 2nd Edition

Four Corners

Four Corners
Four Corners

'Four Corners' is an English language learning series developed by Cambridge University Press. The series is authored by Jack C. Richards, David Bohlke, and Carlos Barbisan. It is designed for learners of various proficiency levels and emphasizes interactive and communicative language practice. Here's an overview of 'Four Corners':

  • Levels: 'Four Corners' provides materials for different proficiency levels, including beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate.
  • Type of English: 'Four Corners' follows American English language standards, including pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural aspects.
  • Age Range: 'Four Corners' is primarily intended for adult learners and older teenagers.
  • Communication-Centered: The series focuses on practical communication skills, helping learners acquire vocabulary and expressions that are useful for real-life conversations.
  • Grammar Integration: 'Four Corners' incorporates grammar and vocabulary seamlessly into its lessons, allowing learners to understand how words and grammar work together in spoken and written language.
  • Interactive Exercises: The series includes a variety of interactive exercises and activities, promoting engagement and reinforcing language skills.
  • Cultural Insights: 'Four Corners' may include content related to English-speaking cultures, providing learners with valuable cultural insights and background.
  • Supplementary Materials: The program often includes supplementary resources like audio materials and online content, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Global Applicability: 'Four Corners' is used worldwide, making it suitable for learners from different language backgrounds and regions.
  • Updated Content: The series may be updated periodically to align with current language learning trends and methodologies.
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