Are you ready to learn more about different words in English? Do you how 'instead' functions? Come with me, then.

How to Use 'Instead' in English

'Instead' is commonly an adverb in the English language. In this lesson, we will discuss how to learn and use it.

Functions of 'Instead'

'Instead' as an Adverb

As stated above, 'instead' mainly functions as an adverb. Below, we are going to learn about the different kinds of adverbs it can be:


'Instead' as an Adverb of Manner

'Instead' mainly functions as an adverb. It is used to indicate something or someone in the place another. Look at the examples below for more clarification:

Harry thought it best to spend some time on himself. I went instead.

Couldn't you gave us a call instead?

Position in a Sentence

As stated above, 'instead' is an adverb and it mainly comes after adjectives, verbs, and other adverbs to modify them. Below, we have provided useful examples for you. Look:

Instead, the couple went to the movies.

I decided to study for IELTS myself instead.


Note that whenever the adverb comes at the beginning of the sentence, we must have a comma after it.

Instead vs. Instead of

As you know, 'instead' is an adverb. However, 'instead of' is a phrase and it must always precede a noun, a pronoun, etc. Compare:

The children watched a cartoon instead.

As you can see, 'instead' mainly comes after all the other parts of a sentence.

Instead of just sitting there staring at me, do something Anna.

As you can see, if we remove the noun phrase after 'instead of', it will make no sense.


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