How to Pronounce the /ŋ/ Sound

This is one of the hardest sounds in English, but there's no need to worry cause we have provided you with easy steps to produce it.

How to Pronounce the /ŋ/ Sound

In this lesson, we are going to work on how we can produce the /ŋ/ sound using the proper articulatory organs.

What Type of Sound Is /ŋ/?

/ŋ/ is a consonant in the English language.

How to Produce /ŋ/?

how to pronounce the /ŋ/

As you can see in picture (b), the tongue and the uvula are important in the production of this sound. In order to produce this sound, the back of the tongue is raised and slightly makes contact with the uvula. As you can see, the uvula has not blocked the air passage into the nose. As we move our tongue upwards to stop the air from going out of the mouth, our lips and teeth part a bit. Then, as it is clear in the picture, we start vibrating our vocal cords. So, this is a nasal sound. Also, note that this sound is voiced.
If you take a look at picture (a), you can see how the lips and the teeth, are parted. However, in order to produce this sound properly, you must open your mouth like you are smiling.
For more comprehension, study picture (c) carefully. There, you can see clearly where exactly you have to place the back part of your tongue. The highlighted part is showing the soft palate. Below, you can find the letters that represent the /ŋ/ sound:

  • n + g: ng

Ping-Pong /pɪŋˌpɑːŋ/

Something /sʌm.θɪŋ/

Length /leŋθ/

  • n + k: ŋ

Think /θɪŋk/

Sprinkle /sprɪŋ·kəl/

Debunk /diːˈbʌŋk/

Hyperlink /haɪ pərˌlɪŋk/

/ŋ/ Sound in 17 Most Common World Languages

As you can see, the /ŋ/ sound can be found in most common languages. However, Languages like Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Turkish do not have this sound. If you use all the instructions that we have provided for you and practice a bit, you will be able to produce this sound like a native speaker in no time. Look:

The Languages Do You Have It? Examples
Mandarin 北京
Spanish domingo
Hindustani رن٘گ/रंग/रङ्ग
Bengali রঙ
Portuguese x -
Russian x -
Japanese 南極
Vietnamese ngà
Marathi रंग
Turkish x -
French camping
German lang
Italian x -
Persian رنگ
Arabic (Standard) x -
Korean 성에


Below, there is an audio file that helps you learn the proper pronunciation of the /ŋ/ sound:


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