How to Pronounce the /w/ Sound

This time, we're going to learn all about the /w/ sound. Are you ready? You still wanna improve your English language proficiency?

How to Pronounce the /w/ Sound

In this lesson, we are going to learn about how we can produce the /w/ sound using the proper articulatory organs.

What Type of Sound Is /w/?

/w/ is a consonant sound in the English language.

How to Produce /w/?

how to pronounce /w/

As you can see in picture (b), the lips, the tongue, and the uvula are important participants in the production of this sound. The back part of the tongue moves up and gets close to the uvula. However, note that they do not make contact. The tip of the tongue remains in its place. Also, the uvula will not let the air out of the nose. If you pay attention to the red circle in the throat, it is indicating that this sound is voiced. So, we have to use our vocal cords.
In picture (a), you can see how the lips contribute to the production of this sound. In order to pronounce it, round your lips in an 'o' shape and then slowly move them back. If you turn the corners of your mouth a bit downwards at the beginning, it will be easier for you. In picture (c), you can see that the tongue does not make contact anywhere in the mouth. When we are pronouncing the /w/ sound, we must immediately pronounce the vowel after it. Below, you can find all the letters that represent this sound:

Way /weɪ/

Wicked /wɪkɪd/

Weaver /wivər/

Wiggle /wɪɡl/

/w/ Sound in 17 Most Common World Languages

Below, there is a table of the /w/ sound in the 17 most common world languages:

The Languages Do You Have It? Examples
Spanish cuanto
Hindustani x -
Bengali ওয়াদা
Portuguese quando/qual
Russian x -
Japanese x -
Vietnamese tuần
Marathi x -
Turkish x -
French oui
German x -
Italian uomo
Persian x -
Arabic (Standard) وَرْد
Korean 왜가리


Below, there is an audio file that helps you learn the proper pronunciation of the /w/ sound:


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