Cemetery vs. Graveyard

Have you ever thought to yourself about why we have several words for where we place the dead? Well, in this lesson, I'm gonna tell you why.

"Cemetery" vs. "Graveyard" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

The two of them refer to the place we bury the dead. However, a 'cemetery' is a bit distant from the city whereas, a 'graveyard' is much older and is close to a church.


As stated above, a 'graveyard' is much older than a 'cemetery' and it is close to a church. Back in the old days, it was a tradition to bury the dead, especially the nobles and the aristocracy, close to a church. Look below:

Money plays an important role in everything, even which graveyard to be buried.

What if there are no graveyards left?

A 'cemetery', on the other hand, is far away from the city and is not close to a church. Check out the following examples:

I saw a young girl wearing black walking in the cemetery.

Why do I always sense a cold wind blowing in the cemetery?


Both of them refer to a place where the dead are buried. Examine the following examples:

I think we will run out of cemeteries soon.

I never understand why people go to a graveyard and talk to a stone when they can feel the presence of their beloved at home?

Are They Interchangeable?

These two words are mainly interchangeable. Compare:

✓ They mayor delivered a speech on the death of the innocent people at the cemetery.

✓ They mayor delivered a speech on the death of the innocent people at the graveyard.

As you can see, they are both the same.


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