I wanna tell you everything about this word. If you wanna expand your knowledge of the English language, join me.

How to Use "Never" in English

Never is mainly an adverb. In this lesson, we will discuss how to learn and use it.

Functions of 'Never'

  • Adverb

'Never' as an Adverb of Time

'Never' functions as an adverb. Below, we are going to analyze the different kinds of adverbs it is:

'Never' as an Adverb of Time

When 'never' functions as an adverb of time, it indicates that something will not happen at any time. Look at the examples below:

Well, she's never ready on time.

We never could've anticipated such a scenario.

Position in a Sentence

As an adverb of time, it mainly comes before adverbs, adjectives, and verbs in a sentence. Look at the following examples:

I never would have argued with you if I knew how you were feeling.

It was never interesting to me.

Here, it is modifying an adjective.

Idioms and Expressions

We have some idioms with 'never'. Below, we have listed them all for you:

  • Never mind: When we want to make sure someone does not worry over some unimportant matter. Look below:

Never mind, though. I'll do something about it.

Then she hastily said: 'Never mind.'

  • Always the bridesmaid, never the bride: When someone is not considered important in any situation, we use this idiom:

Hannah was always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  • That will never do: When we want to indicate that something is not acceptable

An application form without an application fee will never do.

  • Never the twain shall meet: When we want to indicate two things/people will never agree with one another and are too different to be alongside one another:

In this situation, never the twain shall meet.


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