Somebody vs. Somebodies

'Somebody' is a singular indefinite pronoun. But can it be used in plural form? Does it mean the same thing? Let's see.

"Somebody" vs. "Somebodies" in English Grammar

Somebody: As Pronoun

'Somebody' as an indefinite pronoun means an unspecified person.

Somebody came up to me and said hi.

'Somebody': As Noun

'Somebody' as a noun means a famous, renowned person, someone who is a celebrity.

He wants to be a somebody someday.

When Can We Use 'Somebodies'?

Only when 'somebody' is used as a noun, it can be used in plural form. Otherwise, when we want to refer to a group of unspecified people, we should use 'some people', NOT 'somebodies' as an indefinite pronoun.

They all think they are somebodies, but they cannot be more wrong.

Here, because 'somebody' is a noun, we can use it as a plural noun.

Some people were shot at the crime scene.

This is the plural form of the sentence 'somebody was shot at the crime scene.'


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