had better

had better

Ought to and Had Better

'Ought to' and 'Had Better' are used for giving advice and recommendations. These are used differently and they can have different meanings. Start learning!


Had Better vs. Should vs. Ought To

'Had better,' 'should,' and 'ought to' are used to give advice. In this lesson, we will learn their uses, similarities, and differences.


Had Better vs. Would Better

'Had better' and 'would better' are confused by learners. In this lesson, we will discover which one is correct and when to use them.



Semi-modals are the subcategory of modal verbs. So it is good to learn the difference between modal verbs and semi-modal verbs to use them properly.


Ought To vs. Had Better

'Ought to' and 'had better' may confuse learners as they both express obligations. In this lesson, we will learn when to use each.

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