Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions joins subordinate or dependent clauses to the main or independent clauses. To know all about these tricky grammatical words, click!


Once vs. After

'Once' and 'after' are conjunctions of time. In this lesson, we will discover their differences and similarities.


When vs. Once

'When' and 'once' are used to express time but what is their difference and when to use each of them? In this lesson, we will learn more about them.



'Once' in a while, you may encounter the word 'once.' In this lesson, we will discover more about this word and its uses.


Once vs. Since

'Once' and 'since' are conjunctions but they are used in different contexts. In this lesson, we will learn their similarities and differences.


Once vs. One Time

'once' and 'one time' mean the same thing. In this lesson, we will compare them to find out when to use them.


Conjunctions of Condition

As their name requires, conjunctions of condition are used to express events that need a special condition to happen.

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