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To as a preposition is used to show the direction, time, result. It can also function as an infinitive marker.

To vs. Into

'**To**' and '**into**' are close in pronunciation but they are completely different in usage and meaning. In this lesson, we will learn their difference.



Particles are words that have a grammatical function but do not fit into the main parts of speech. In order to learn about them, start studying them right here!


Pro-verb Phrases

Pro-verb phrases are short words or expressions that replace the verb and all that comes after it.


To vs. In Order To

'To' and 'in order to' are widely used, but you may confuse their interchangeability and their differences.


Talk to vs. Talk with

In this lesson, we're gonna analyze the prepositions that come with this verb. Do you wanna know what you should do?


To vs. Too vs. Two

'To,' 'too', and 'two' are three commonly used words in English which have the same pronunciation. They are widely confused. We will learn their differences.


Prepositions of Direction and Movement

As their names suggest, prepositions of direction and movement show a movement from one place to another or show a particular direction.


Onto vs. On to

In this lesson, we're gonna delve into the more grammatically confusing words. Are you ready? Do you still wanna learn? Let's go.


Expressing Time

Expressing time is not just about time and numbers. In this lesson, we will learn how to tell time and learn more about it.


To vs. For

'To' and 'for' are prepositions that may confuse learners. In this lesson, we will learn their uses and differences.



'To' is a preposition. However, that is not its only function. In this lesson, we will discover this word and its uses in detail.


To or Too Much

When we want to say that something is more than necessary we use 'to much' or is it 'too much'?


To vs. Toward

We use prepositions of movement like 'to' and 'toward' to talk about directions and motions. In this lesson we will learn their uses and differences.


To or For Someone

Is it 'to someone' or is it 'for someone?' In this lesson, we will learn when and how to use each of them.


Prepositions of Time

Prepositions allow us to talk about the relationship between two words in a sentence. Here, we will discuss the different prepositions of time in English.

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