Either vs. Too

You might have seen these two commonly-used words a lot. Each of them has its uses, similarities, and differences.


To vs. Too vs. Two

'To,' 'too', and 'two' are three commonly used words in English which have the same pronunciation. They are widely confused. We will learn their differences.



Understanding pronouns enable us to understand pro-forms in English very well. Pro-forms are alternatives that are put in the position of words, phrases, etc.



'Too' is a commonly used word that acts as an adverb, but it is confused with the preposition 'to' because of their similar pronunciation.


To or Too Much

When we want to say that something is more than necessary we use 'to much' or is it 'too much'?


Enough vs. Too

This is an interesting grammar in the English language. They are easy to understand with little notice.

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