Face2Face Vocabulary Wordlist



Face2Face is a popular English language coursebook series designed for learners of English as a second or foreign language. The coursebook series is published by Cambridge University Press and the authors are Chris Redston and Gillie Cunningham. It is known for its communicative approach, interactive content, and comprehensive language development. Here are some important aspects:

  • Levels: The series typically covers a range of levels, including Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-intermediate.
  • Type of English: 'Face2Face' primarily focuses on teaching British English, including British English pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural aspects.
  • Age Range: 'Face2Face' is designed for adult learners and older teenagers.
  • Skills: The coursebook emphasizes listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with a strong focus on interactive speaking and listening activities.
  • Content: The coursebook covers relevant everyday topics, essential grammar, vocabulary, and practical language usage.
  • Components: 'Face2Face' includes a student book, workbook, teacher's book, and supplementary audio and video resources.
  • Interactive Activities: The series includes a wide variety of interactive activities, such as role-plays, pair and group work, and multimedia resources like audio and video materials.
  • Assessment and Self-Check: There are assessments and self-check sections throughout the coursebook to help learners monitor their progress and understanding, including quizzes, tests, and self-assessment tools.
  • Global Capability: The series is designed for global applicability, offering skills and knowledge suitable for international settings without focusing on a specific regional English variant.
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