Good vs. Well

You wanna improve your English language proficiency? Well, I'm gonna tell you some important things about 'good' and 'well' and not everyone knows.

"Good" vs. "Well" in the English Grammar

What Is Their Main Difference?

Both of them refer to the fine quality of something/someone. However, 'good' is an adjective and it modifies nouns. 'Well'' is mainly an adverb and it is used to modify verbs and other adverbs.


As stated above, these two have different parts of speech. 'Good' is an adjective and it is used to modify nouns. Also, it comes after linking verbs. Look at the following examples:

Did you do good in the exam?

Was the audition good?

'Well' is an adverb. It can also be an adjective when we are talking about our physical health in answer to questions starting with 'how'. Look at the examples below:

A : How are you?

B : I feel well, thank you.

The vocal class went well.


Both refer to something having a fine condition or someone feeling fine. Check out the examples below:

The whole conversation with Mary was good, I guess.

She seems well.

Are They Interchangeable?

Despite their close meanings, they have different grammatical functions. If they are both adjectives they can be changed, but 'good' can never be an adverb. Compare:

✓ He seems well to me.

✓ He seems well to me.


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