Kindness vs. Compassion

Since you've built an amazing learning habit, I have decided to continue analyzing confusing words. Wanna learn about these two? C'mon.

"Kindness" vs. "Compassion" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

They both refer to sympathy towards other beings. However, 'compassion' is about how someone understands another people's emotions when they are in a painful situation, whereas, 'kindness' is more about actions and the fact that we decide to help others.


As stated above, 'kindness' is more about what we do regarding others. When we decide to do good and help others, it is an act of kindness. Look at the examples below:

Humans tend to enjoy violence more than kindness.

No one has ever treated me with kindness in this world.

'Compassion', on the other hand, refers to emotionally understanding someone's suffering and pain. Take a look at the examples below:

I could sense compassion in my gaze as I stared at her.

Compassion can be letting your friend cry on your shoulder.


They both involve emotional understanding and sympathy towards others. Take a look at the examples below:

There is a novel titled 'A Woman Killed with Kindness'.

I sometimes wonder where does all this compassion come from?

Are They Interchangeable?

Most people use these two interchangeably. Compare:

✓ She held me with such compassion that I was amazed at how different people can be.

✓ She held me with such kindness that I was amazed at how different people can be.


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