Reason vs. Cause

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"Reason" vs. "Cause" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

Both point out why something happened. However, 'reason' is broader in meaning and it deals with intellectualism and it offers an explanation or a justification, whereas, 'cause' indicates the thin or person that gives rise to another thing.


As stated above, 'reason' mainly signifies explaining something through thinking and intellectualism. It indicates why something happened. Check out the examples below:

The manager has resigned and the reason for her doing so is confidential.

There's no doubt a reason behind such charming manner.

'Cause', on the other hand, refers to the thing that make a particular event, occurrence, etc. happen. Look at the examples below:

What do you think are the causes of this migration?

One of the main causes of this hatred in people is the violence the government uses to control them.


As mentioned above, both deal with the origins of something. Check ou the examples below:

What's your reason for making such a decision?

Among the common causes of the revolution, poverty is the boldest.

Are They Inteerchangeable?

Although they both refer to why something happened, they cannot be used interchangeably because, just as I mentioned above, 'reason' deals more with intellectualism. Compare:

✓ I believe you have good reason for having imposed much horror on people.

X I believe you have good cause for having imposed much horror on people.

This example is wrong.


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