Anything vs. Everything

'Anything' and 'everything' are both pronouns that are used to refer to something. They have fairly similar spelling and structure, but what's their difference?

"Anything" vs. "Everything" in English Grammar

Similarity and Difference

'Anything' and 'everything' are both pronouns that are used to refer to something. They are fairly similar to each other in spelling and structure. However, they have different meanings and uses.

There isn't anything worth watching on TV.

The burglars took everything.


Anything can be used in:

You can do anything you want.

Is there anything I can do to help?

I didn't have anything to do that day.


'Everything' refers to all objects, seen or unseen. We use 'everything' to refer to all things that are related to the subject. Use a singular verb after everything.

You have to tell him everything.

Everything was the same.

Bottom Line

On the other hand, 'anything' refers to any of the things that are related to the subject. It can either be one, all, or some of the quantity or extent of a thing.

Anything can be bought nowadays.

He doesn't want anything, because he already has everything.


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