On or In The Picture

Have you ever wondered how to talk about the contents of a photo? In this lesson, we will learn how to say it.

"On" or "In The Picture" in the English grammar

Which One Should Be Used?

'On the picture' is incorrect and must be avoided. Instead, you must always use 'in the picture' when talking about photos and pictures.

On the Picture

'On the picture' is incorrect and is never used in any circumestance.

There were 5 hidden objects on the picture.

Avoid sentences as such.

I can't find myself on the picture.

In the Picture

The preposition 'in' is the only correct preposition that can be used to refer to objects of pictures. We always use 'in the picture.'

There were 5 hidden objects in the picture.

This is the correct form and is used all the time.

I can't find myself in the picture.


You may encounter 'on the picture' throughout the internet or in texts but in these cases, the preposition 'on' is related to the verb and not to 'the picture.' Take a look at the following example:

Click on the picture to maximize it.

Here, 'on' is related to the verb 'click.'


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