On or In Vacation

Have you spent your free time well? But how can you refer to it? Is it 'on' or 'in vacation'? Find out in this lesson!

"On" or "In Vacation" in the English grammar

Which One Should Be Used?

'On vacation' is commonly used as it is the correct form. 'In vacation' is incorrect and its usage must be avoided.

On Vacation

The phrase 'on vacation' is used to refer to quality time spent for resting and entertainment. Take a look at the following examples:

I tried scuba diving while I was on vacation.

I would go on vacation when I have time.

In Vacation

'In vacation' does not exist and must be avoided. Instead, use the phrase 'on vacation*' when talking about holidays. Have a look:

I tried scuba diving while I was in vacation.

I would go in vacation when I have time.


You can also use 'during' to talk about time spent on a vacation instead of 'on vacation.' When we use 'during,' we refer to an event that occurred while the vacation was ongoing and before it finished. Have a look:

What did you do during the vacation?

What did you do on vacation?


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