Adverbial Nouns for intermediate learners

Adverbial nouns are nouns with multiple functions according to the sentence they are in. In this lesson, we will learn more about them.

Adverbial Nouns in the English Grammar

What Are Adverbial Nouns?

Adverbial nouns are nouns that can be nouns or adverbs based on the sentence they are used in.

What Do Adverbial Nouns Indicate?

Adverbial nouns are used to show:

  • Time
  • Distance and direction
  • Age

Adverbial Nouns: Time

Adverbial nouns that are used to show a particular time or length of time are called time adverbial nouns. For example:

I am leaving tomorrow.

Wait here a moment.

using a noun as an adverb

Adverbial Nouns: Distance and Direction

Adverbial nouns are used to show a place or a movement toward a place. Remember, they can also show a distance between two places. Here are the examples:

I drove north.

We walked 25 miles south.

Adverbial Nouns: Age

Adverbial nouns that are used to show someone's age. Check out the examples:

He is thirteen.

The building is ten years old.


Adverbial nouns are nouns that can be used as adverbs in sentences. Their part of speech is:

  • Noun
  • Adverb


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