Love vs. Romance

This one is tricky, don't you think? Well, Since many people have confusions regarding such concepts, let's learn about all the differences between these two.

"Love" vs. "Romance" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

Both indicate paying attention to something and someone. They both stem from enjoying the presence of someone. However, 'love' is a strong emotion and it creates a strong bond between the lover and the beloved. It involves commitment, selflessness, etc. whereas, 'romance' is more about showing your love through giving gifts, buying them flowers, cuddling, etc. between romantically involved partners.


As stated above, 'love' is a strong feeling and it can be between romantically involved people, friends, family members, etc. We mainly associate commitment, altruism, etc. with 'love'. Look at the examples below:

I don't love you anymore.

Love is such a weird and strange concept.

'Romance', on the other hand, refers to acts of showing love. It is not as strong as 'love' and it can easily fade away after some time. Check out the following examples:

Opening the car door for me is not really romantic to me.

He doesn't seem like a romantic person to me.


Both refer to taking pleasure in spending time and being with someone. Look below:

No one has ever been able to define love.

I never thought I'd be this romantic.

Are They Interchangeable?

Although they are close in meaning, they cannot be used interchangeably. 'Love' is much stronger and deeper. It is mainly about emotion, whereas, 'romance' is about showing love. Look below:

✓ What do you mean guys cannot love?

✓ Just because I'm romantic, it doesn't mean that I will buy you gifts everyday.


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