Well, I'm pretty sure you've come across this word, haven't you? Well, why don't you join me and see what we can learn from here?

How to Use "Unlike" in English

'Unlike' mainly functions as both a preposition and an adjective. In this lesson, we will discuss how to learn and use it.

Functions of 'Unlike'

  • Preposition
  • Adjective

'Unlike' as a Preposition

As stated above, 'unlike' is a preposition. Below, we will lean all about the different kinds of prepositions it can be:

'Unlike' as a Preposition of Manner

We can use 'unlike' as a preposition of manner to show that something is different from another. Look at the examples below:

Unlike your mother, you look startlingly calm.

It's unlike Sarah to be so quiet in the company of her friends.

Position in a Sentence

Prepositions come before nouns and noun phrases to modify them. Check out the examples below:

It's totally unlike you to be so energetic this early in the morning.

The children remained where they were, unlike the others.

'Unlike' as an Adjective

'Unlike' can also function as an adjective. Below, we are going to see the different types of adjectives it is:

'Unlike' as a Predicative Adjective

We can use 'unlike' as a predicative adjective to point out the difference between several things or people. Check out the following examples:

Unusually, the two eyes of these birds are unlike.

Although they are twins, they are completely unlike.

Position in a Sentence

Predicative adjectives mainly follow linking verbs like 'be', 'seem', etc. Look at the examples below:

The members of the committee are unlike when it comes to their beliefs.

The brothers seem totally unlike. I wouldn't have believed them to be blood-related if I hadn't known them.


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