Mine vs. My Own in English Grammar

Are They the Same?

'This is a duty of mine'. 'This is a duty of my own.' Which one of these sentences do you think is correct? Can we use both of them? What is the difference?

Mine vs. My Own

Main Similarity and Difference

'Mine' is the possessive form of 'I'. It is a pronoun that replaces something and shows that it belongs to you.
'My own' is a phrase that is usually followed by a noun that we want to talk about. 'Mine' and 'my own' mean the same thing and both show possessions but we use them differently in a sentence.

  • 'Mine' is not followed by another noun and always stands alone.
  • 'My own' is usually followed by a noun (but it can also stand alone).

This is an idea of mine . The idea is mine .

This is an idea of my own . The idea is my own .


'Mine' usually is not followed by a noun. 'My own' usually does come before a noun.

This car is mine and mine alone .

This is my own room .

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