'Mine' is a possessive pronoun of 'I'. In this part, we will go through its uses and grammatical rules in English grammar.


Mine, Pronoun or Adjective?

In this part, we will discuss the word 'mine' in the English language. We'll see its part of speech, uses, and functions in a sentence.


Mine vs. Mine's

'My' is the possessive adjective and 'mine' is the possessive pronoun, but what grammatical category does "mine's" fall under? Let's find out!


Mine vs. My Own

'This is a duty of mine'. 'This is a duty of my own.' Which one of these sentences do you think is correct? Can we use both of them? What is the difference?



Possessives are used to indicate possessions. In this lesson, we will discuss the different types of possessives, including nouns, determiners, and pronouns.

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