Anything vs. Anyone

'Anything' and 'anyone' are two indefinite pronouns that have somehow similar spelling but they refer to different things. Let's see their differences.

"Anything" vs. "Anyone" in English Grammar

What Is Their Main Difference?

  1. 'Anything' refers to any indefinite, unspecific non-human objects or things.
  2. 'Anyone' refers to any indefinite, unspecified human beings.


'Anything' can refer to whatever thing no matter what it is. It's usually used in negative sentences. When you do not care what a thing is, you can use 'anything'.

We didn't know anything about their family history.

We can't do anything.

'Anything' in Questions and Conditionals

'Anything' can be used in questions and conditional sentences to ask or talk about whether something is present or happening.

Is anything wrong?

If there's anything I could do, let me know.


'Anyone' is the singular indefinite pronoun that refers to an unspecific person (any person).

Anyone can win. It's a matter of chance.

Use Singular Verbs for Both

'Anyone' and 'anything' are both used with a singular verb.


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