'Everybody' is an indefinite pronoun that refers to a total number of people. In this part, we will go through its uses and grammatical rules in English grammar


Everybody vs. Everybodies

Can 'Everybody' be used as a plural pronoun? Or it should always be used as a singular noun? Here, we will see if 'Everybody' can be pluralized or not.


Everybody vs. Everyone

What is the difference between 'everyone' and 'everybody'? 'Everyone' and 'everybody' have the same meaning in dictionaries. But are they really the same?


Somebody vs. Everybody

'Somebody' and 'everybody' are both what we call indefinite pronouns. Here, we will learn about their similarities and differences.


Everybody vs. Every Body

Are 'Everybody' and 'Every Body' both correct words in English? Do they have the same meaning? Can we use them interchangeably? Let's find out.


Anybody vs. Everybody

What is the difference between the two indefinite pronouns of 'anybody' and 'everybody'? In this part, we will go through their meanings one by one.

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