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Intensifiers are a kind of adverbs of degree. These adverbs provide information about the intensity of a verb, adverb or adjective.

Such vs. So Much

Such and so are used as intensifiers. So, it is really important to use them correctly, since they are not used interchangeably. Let us get to know them here.



'Enough' is an English word that you may have heard several times. It has three functions which we will cover in this lesson.


Such vs. Very

'Such' and 'very' both are intensifiers. So, let us start learning them, in this article.



'Very' is pretty standard in the English language, In this lesson, we will learn all about it. Come one.


Intensifiers and Mitigators

Intensifiers and mitigators are two kinds of adverbs of degree. We use them to make words and expressions stronger or weaker.



'Less' can be used as a determiner, pronoun, adverb, or preposition. In this lesson, we will discover all about this word.



'Little' has these functions: determiner, pronoun, or adverb. In this lesson, we will discover all about this word.



'Too' is a commonly used word that acts as an adverb, but it is confused with the preposition 'to' because of their similar pronunciation.


Much vs. Very

In fact, 'much' and 'very' are the same in their meanings.



In this lesson, we will discuss everything about this word. If you're interested in expanding your knowledge, join me.


Enough vs. Too

This is an interesting grammar in the English language. They are easy to understand with little notice.

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