Such vs. So Much

Such and so are used as intensifiers. So, it is really important to use them correctly, since they are not used interchangeably. Let us get to know them here.

"Such" vs. "So Much" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

The key difference between 'such' and 'so' is that 'such' is used as a determiner and 'so' is used as an adverb.


When to Use 'So'?

  • 'So':

is used before adjectives and adverbs to make them stronger. And it means 'very'.

The river water is so cold that I cannot even touch it.

The runner ran so fast around the square.

Usage of 'So Much'

  1. 'So much':

She used to be so much prettier.

We need to do it so much more quickly.

  • 'So much':

is used before an uncountable noun to make it stronger.

They didn't have so much money.

They wasted so much water on this garden.

When to Use 'Such'?

  • 'Such':

is used before noun phrases to make them stronger. And it means 'very'.

Those are such delicious chocolates.


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