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a fool may give a wise man counsel

used to suggest that one should be discerning and evaluate any advice or suggestions received, regardless of the source

a word to the wise is sufficient

used to suggest that a wise person only needs a brief hint or explanation to fully understand something

advice is cheap

used to imply that giving advice is easy and does not necessarily require much effort or expertise

advisors run no risks

used to imply that those who give advice or counsel are typically not exposed to the potential dangers or negative consequences that may arise from the decisions made based on their recommendations

advice is least heeded when most needed

used to convey the idea that people are often less likely to take advice or guidance when they are in dire or challenging situations

counsel is no command

used to imply that advice or suggestions are not the same as orders or commands, and that one is free to accept or reject them as they see fit

example is far better than (any) precept

used to suggest that leading by example is more effective than giving instructions or preaching, as people are often more influenced by actions than words

it is a silly goose that comes to a fox's sermon

used to advise individuals to be cautious and discerning in choosing whom they trust and follow for advice or guidance

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