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Master English proverbs regarding time and timeliness, like "punctuality is the soul of business" and "delays are dangerous".







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delays are dangerous

used to warn that procrastination or putting off important tasks or decisions can lead to negative consequences and missed opportunities

a day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy

used to imply that negative experiences, such as sorrow or hardship, can make time feel slow and endless, while positive experiences, like joy or happiness, can make time seem to fly by

all days are short to industry and long to idleness

used to imply that being productive and busy makes time seem to pass quickly, while being idle and unproductive can make time seem to drag on

no sooner said than done

used to imply that a task or action was accomplished immediately after it was suggested or requested

punctuality is the soul of business

used to suggest that being on time and meeting deadlines is essential for the success of any business or professional endeavor

there is no time like the present

used to imply that there is no better time to act or do something than the present moment

time and tide wait for no man

used to emphasize that time and opportunities will not wait for anyone, and that once they have passed, they cannot be regained

time fleeth away without delay

used to implt that time is a valuable and limited resource that should be used wisely and not taken for granted, as once it has passed, it cannot be regained

time is money

used to emphasize that time is a valuable and limited resource that should be used wisely and efficiently

the early man never borrows from the late man

used to suggest that those who start early and work hard are more likely to be successful and not need to rely on others for help

there is a time to speak and a time to be silent

used to suggest there are appropriate times to express oneself and times to refrain from speaking

(the) early bird catches the worm

used to imply that the person who starts their day or task early will have an advantage over those who start later or procrastinate

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