Qualities - Similarity & Dissimilarity

Dive into English proverbs that depict similarity and dissimilarity, like "all that glitters is not gold" and "all cats are gray in the dark".







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a thief knows a thief, as a wolf knows a wolf

used to imply that people who have experience in criminal activities have a certain level of understanding and familiarity with the behavior and tactics of other criminals

East is East, (and) West is West

used to suggest that there are certain inherent differences between two things or groups of people that cannot be overcome or reconciled

all cats are gray in the dark

used to suggest that when we lack knowledge or understanding about a particular subject, it can be hard to discern the differences between similar things or people

like mother, like daughter

used to imply that daughters often share similar qualities, traits, or behaviors with their mothers, either as a result of genetics, upbringing, or cultural influence

all that glitters is not gold

used to suggest that appearances can be deceiving, and that it is important to look beyond surface-level qualities to assess true value or worth

every light is not the sun

used to highlight the notion that things or people may appear similar but they may not possess the same qualities

like father, like son

used to say that a son's behavior or qualities are similar to those of his father

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