Anymore vs. Any More

As you can see, 'anymore' and 'any more' look somehow the same, but if you want to make progress in English, you'd better learn about their little differences.

"Anymore" vs. Any More" in English

What Is Their Main Difference?

'Anymore' is an adverb of time used only in negative sentences, whereas 'any more' is a combination of determiners that modifies nouns or noun phrases.


'Anymore' is an adverb of time. When we want to indicate that we are no longer going to do something, we use 'anymore'. It is only used in negative sentences. Look at the following examples below:

I don't fell like studying anymore.

The class said they didn't want to continue discussing 19th century drama anymore.


It is possible to write 'anymore' with space between them, but it is better not to.

He refused to drink any more.

Any More

'Any more', contrary to 'anymore' is a combination of two quantifiers. When we want to point out that we do not want more of something. So, it refers to the amount. Look at the examples below for more clarification:

Isn't there any more cake left in the fridge?

As you can see, there is a noun after the determiner.

Anna doesn't want any more coffee.

We can also use 'any more' to indicate adding something. Look at the examples below:

We cannot watch any more episodes for today.

The Johnsons couldn't have taken any more books with them.

Are They Interchangeable?

Although they look nearly the same on the outside, they can never be used interchangeably because of their completely different grammatical functions. Compare:

✓ She said she doesn't wanna talk to you anymore.

Here, the sentence is indicating that something will not happen from a specific time.

X She said she doesn't wanna talk to you any more.

Here, the sentence is wrong because 'any more' is a quantifier and cannot function as an adverb.


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