Either vs. Ither

It is rare to see one of these words in the standard English context. But, since it is a question on your mind, let's know more about them.

"Either" vs. "Ither" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main Differences?

Although 'either' and 'ither' have some letters in common, it is important to know that the spelling is different.
'Ither' is the Scottish form for 'either' and 'other'.


What Is Either?

  • 'Either':

is used as a determiner, pronoun, adverb, or conjunction.

I don't like either coat and both of them are expensive. → determiner

Fortunately, I don't have either of his phone number. → pronoun

"He couldn't speak Spanish." "I couldn't either." → adverb

I will pay for either ticket, or popcorn. → conjunctions

has different meanings when it is used in each of its word classes. 'Either' is mostly used by the definition of 'one of the two', 'both', or 'too.'

What Is 'Ither'?

  • 'Ither':

means exactly as the word 'either'. In this case, it is a Scot word for 'either'.

I'd believe it quicker aboot yon ither chiel, Charlie Rogerson.

means other in the Scots Language.

That's because they found an easy way to do it from the ither side.


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