Neither vs. Nither

It's possible to never encounter 'nither' in the daily English context. But, if you want to know the difference between them, let us start.

"Neither" vs. "Nither" in the English Grammar

What Are Their Main differences?

Despite being rare to see 'nither' in standard English, it is good to know that 'nither' is a Scot word for 'neither'.


Grammatical Functions

  • 'Neither' can be used as a:

'Neither' as a determiner, is used before singular nouns to mean none of the two.

Neither boy loved Georgia as much as Alex did.

As a pronoun, it is used alone with no nouns afterward and it comes straight before the verb.

Neither was fascinating, so I stopped reading them.

As an adverb, it is used to agree with a positive sentence which was mentioned before.

'I don’t have any money.' 'Neither do I.'

When it is a conjunction, it is usually followed by nor.

I neither know nor care how he is doing.

  • 'Nither':

is not used in the English language. But it can have different meanings in the Scot language as follows:

  1. Scot word of the transitive verb blight.
  2. Scot word for the intransitive verb shiver.
  3. The dialectal difference in the term neither.


'Nither' can be the misspelling of the term 'neither'.



Whenever there is a misspelling or we are dealing with a Scottish context, 'neither and 'nither' have the same meanings.


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