Adjective Phrases for intermediate learners

Phrases are two or more words that can function as specific parts of speech. Adjective phrases are groups of words that function as adjectives.

"Adjective Phrases" in the English Grammar

What Are Adjective Phrases?

An adjective phrase consists of a group of words that modify nouns or pronouns. In this lesson, we are going to learn all about them.

Adjective Phrases: Structure

An adjective phrase can have several forms. Below is a list of some of them. Look:

Now, let us analyze each:

  • Adverb + Adjective :

That bag is too white.

If the food gets very cold, you should change it.

  • Adjective + Adverb :

Is this motel safe enough for a woman like her?

That dress is fit enough for my sister.

  • Adding Several Adjectives Together:

Don't you wanna try this new delicious, American Lasagna we just made?

Morty is such a pathetic, disgusting and uncaring person.

Position in a Sentence

Adjectives can come both before and after the nouns they are modifying. Look below to see how they function this way:

These are new shoes.

Here, the adjective has come before the noun it is modifying.

This cat looks too tired to play right now.

As you can see, the adjective has come after the noun it is modifying.


It is useful to know that we have both adjective phrases and adjective clauses. Their difference is that an adjective clause has a subject and a verb, whereas an adjective phrase does not have a verb. Compare:

The book you were talking about in the last seminar, was the book of the year.

Here, we have an adjective clause because it has a subject and a verb and it is modifying 'book'.

It is an interesting magical book.

Here, we have an adjective phrase consisting of several adjectives.


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