Subjects for intermediate learners

In English grammar, the subject of a clause is the noun referring to the person or thing that is doing the action of the verb. We will learn all about it here.

"Subjects" in the English Grammar

What Are Subjects?

Simply put, the subject is a person or a thing doing the action in a sentence.

Types of Subjects

Basically, we have three main kinds of subjects and we will learn about two of them here.

  • Simple Subjects
  • Compound Subjects
  • Complete Subjects

Simple Subjects

The simple subject is one simple word that is mostly at the beginning of the sentence and it sometimes comes with a definite or an indefinite article.

She eats lunch at 2:30.

They are going shopping.

George is wearing a t-shirt today.

Abraham cannot decide what to eat for dinner.

The class is going on a trip to Italy.

The family will come to the meeting tonight.

Subject Personal Pronouns

All personal pronouns can be used as subjects in sentences. Let us have a quick review.

Personal Pronouns
First Person Singular I
Second Person Singular You
Third Person Singular (Male) He
Third Person Singular (Female) She
Third Person Singular (Non-human) It
First Person Plural We
Second Person Plural You
Third Person Plural They

Compound Subjects

The second kind of subject is 'compound subjects'. They consist of two or more nouns or pronouns. Look:

Dave and Jackie are going on a trip together.

My sister and I will come to the party at 8 o'clock.


For connecting the nouns or pronouns, we use and between them.

How to Find the Subject?

In English, we have different types of sentences. Below you can see them and how to find the subjects:

  • The subject mainly comes before the verb.

She talks a lot.

The cat is asleep.

Do you know where we are?

Can she speak English?

Go! (You go.)

Here in this example, the subject is omitted because it is an order.

Speak faster! (You speak faster)


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