In vs. Into

'In' and 'into' are prepositions that may confuse learners. In this lesson, we will learn when to use each of them.

"In" vs. "Into" in the English grammar

What is Their Main Difference?

The main difference between 'in' and 'into' is in the meaning they convert. 'In' is used to talk about location and motion and 'into' is used only to talk about motion and direction.

Talking about Location

When we want to refer to the location of anything which is enclosed by another object, we use 'in.' Take a look at the following examples:

She placed the rabbit in the giant hat.

The rabbit is inside the hat.

The toys are in the box.

Talking about Motion

Both 'in' and 'into' can show motion and direction. They are interchangeable. Have a look:

I dived right in the water.

I dived right into the water.

Harry walked in the room.

Harry walked into the room.

There is a delicate matter you need to consider: Action verbs can be used with both 'in' and 'into' but state verbs cannot be used with 'into.' State verb do not refer to an action and therefore cannot help representing motion like 'into' does.

He is in the room.

He is into the room.

There is no action done by the state verb ‘is’ and into is used incorrectly.


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