Adjective Complements for intermediate learners

Adjective Complements are clauses or phrases that give information about an adjective. In this lesson, we will learn all about them.

Adjective Complements in the English Grammar

What Are Adjective Complements?

An adjective complement is used to give us more information about the adjective. It comes instantly after an adjective in the sentence. Adjective complements are necessary for the sentence to be complete.


We have three groups of adjective comeplements. Take a look at the following list:

Now, let us examine some below:

Noun Clauses as Adjective Complements

Noun clauses consist of some words that function as nouns. They are dependent clauses and usually begin with 'why', 'that', how' and etc. Take a look at the following examples:

I was frightened that you had left me.

As you can see, the noun clause is modifying the adjective.

It's marvelous that your therapy sessions have been useful.


It might come in handy to know that adjective complements mostly accompany predicative adjectives that follow linking verbs.

Prepositional Phrases as Adjective Complements

Another group of adjective complements is prepositional phrases. They consist of a preposition and an object of preposition which can be a noun, a pronoun, or a noun clause. Study the following examples carefully:

They are skilled in literary writing.

I'm addicted to music.


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In grammar, complements are words, phrases, or clauses that are essential to complete the meaning of a given expression. Here, we will study them thoroughly!

Subject Complements

Subject complements are placed after linking verbs. Follow the article to learn more about them.

Object Complements

Some verbs can take a nominal structure or an adjectival structure as an object complement for the direct object of the transitive verb.


The part of a sentence that contains the verb and gives information about the subject is called the predicate. In this lesson, we will discuss it.


Antecedents are nouns or noun phrases that refer to the pronoun. If you are eager to learn them or know more about them, read this.


Appositives help us understand the text better. You may ask why? Appositives give more information about a particular noun.

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