Prepositional Phrases for intermediate learners

What are prepositional phrases? Generally, as its name requires, prepositional phrases are phrases made of prepositions. To get to know them, read the article.

"Prepositional Phrases" in the English Grammar

What Are Prepositional Phrases?

Prepositional phrases consist of a preposition, its object, and some modifiers. Below, we are going to learn all about them.

Prepositional Phrase: Structure

A prepositional phrase must have one preposition and its object. The object of a preposition can be a noun, a noun phrase, or even a clause. Look below:

I found these papers under the table.

I want Anna to put these books next to the computer.

Common Prepositions

Below is a list of some common prepositions in the English language. Look:

Types of Prepositional Phrases

We mainly use prepositional phrases to modify verbs or nouns. However, we have different kinds of prepositional phrases. Look at the list below:

Now, let us analyze each one:

Objects of Prepositions

As it was mentioned above, a preposition always comes with its object. In some cases, an object of a preposition can be a prepositional phrase which means that it comes with another preposition. Look at the examples below:

I finally pulled it out from under her bed.

As you can see, 'under her bed' is the prepositional phrase of 'from'.

They could see her from on the tree.

Noun Phrases

Seldom we can use a prepositional phrase as a noun in a sentence. It mainly comes as the subject of the sentence. Look below:

On top of that cliff is where I wanna be right now.

Next to the theatre is a cheap hotel.

Adjectival Phrases

When we have a prepositional phrase that is describing and modifying a noun, it is an adjectival phrase because it is taking the place of an adjective. Look at the examples below for more clarification:

The magical book under the chair took me to another world.

Here, 'under the chair' is an adjective modifying the noun.

The pink shoes on top of the brown ones are something.

Adverbial Phrases

We can sometimes have prepositional phrases to modify verbs or adverbs. In this case, it is an adverbial phrase. Look at the following examples for more clarification:

Joanna put her head on the pillow and cried.

He decided to run up the hill.


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