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Nobody vs. No One

Is there any difference between the words 'nobody' and 'no one'? Can we use them interchangeably? Here we will explain their differences and similarities.


No One vs. Anyone

'No one' and 'anyone' are both indefinite pronouns that are used to refer to no person or thing in particular. Here, we will discuss these two pronouns.


No One vs. None

What is the difference between 'no one' and 'none'? Do they have the same meaning? Let's discuss these two indefinite pronouns and see for ourselves.


No One vs. No-one

'No one seemed to notice' or 'no-one seemed to notice? Are both sentences correct? Is there a difference between these two sentences?


No one

'No one' is an indefinite pronoun that refers to an absence of people. In this part, we will go through its uses and grammatical rules in English grammar.

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