No One vs. None in English Grammar

The Difference between 'No One' and 'None'

What is the difference between 'no one' and 'none'? Do they have the same meaning? Let's discuss these two indefinite pronouns and see for ourselves.

No One vs. None

'No one' is an indefinite pronoun that shows the absence of a person, i.e. it means 'not anyone; no person'. Sometimes, writers write 'no one' with a dash: 'no-one'.

No one came to our party .

'No one' is a negative marker by itself and it can make a sentence negative. So, we don't need a negative verb with this particular pronoun.

No one didn't come to our party .

'None' means not any (one) (of) a given number or group of things. It can take singular or plural verbs.

None of these watches work .

None of these watches works .

None of + an uncountable noun → singular verb

None of the bread was eaten .

None of + plural nouns/collective nouns → singular/plural verb
(The singular form is used in formal British English)

None of the buses is going to Central Park .

None of the buses are going to Central Park .

None of the committee seem to agree .

None of the committee seems to agree .

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