Compound Adverbs - Giving Explanation

Master English compound adverbs for giving explanations, like "to that end" and "in particular".









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Compound Adverbs
as a side note

used to introduce additional information or a comment that is related to the main topic but not essential to it

by all accounts

used to indicate that, according to various sources or opinions, something is generally accepted as true or accurate

by the way

used to introduce a new topic or information that is related to the ongoing conversation

come to think of it

used to introduce a thought or realization that occurred to one during a conversation

in particular

used to specify or emphasize a particular aspect or detail within a broader context

in this regard

used to refer to a specific aspect of the topic being discussed

speaking of which

used to smoothly transition from one topic to another, often when the second topic is related to or follows naturally from the first

to that end

used to indicate that something is being done or stated with a specific purpose or goal in mind

to the point that

used to describe a situation where something has reached a particular level or condition, often implying that it has become excessive or extreme

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