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Words Related to Media and Communication

an arrangement based on which a user is given a private and personalized access to an online platform, application, or computer


a confidential string of characters that a user chooses to secure their account and prevent unauthorized access

social bookmarking

(computing) an online service that enables users to add, edit and share bookmarks of web documents


a website; a set of related pages on the internet located under a single domain name

online poll

a survey or questionnaire conducted through digital platforms or websites, allowing individuals to provide their opinions or vote on specific topics or questions using electronic devices connected to the internet


a web page on which an individual or group of people regularly write about a topic of interest or their opinions or experiences, usually in an informal style


the act or activity of writing about different things and share them online on a web page

web newspaper

an online publication that delivers news and information through a website or digital platform, providing articles, reports, and multimedia content to readers over the internet


a type of blog or website that primarily focuses on curating and sharing links to interesting or valuable online resources, articles, websites, or multimedia content, providing a collection of links for users to explore and discover


the virtual space where all the personal blogs are and the network of people communicating

home page

the opening page of a website that introduces it and links the user to other pages


a computer program that enables the user to read or look at information on the Internet

browser history

a record or log of web pages and websites that a user has visited in a specific web browser

landing page

(computing) the first webpage that appears in response to a click on a link

web tracking

the practice of monitoring and recording user activities and behavior on websites or across the internet


(computing) data that a web server sends to a browser and receives if the user visits the website again, used for identifying or tracking the user's activities


the saved address of a website or file for easier and faster access

web page

all the information in one part of a website

search engine

a computer program that searches the internet and finds information based on a word or group of words given to it


the activity of spending a lot of time online navigating through different websites

user group

an online community that is focused on using a particular computer technology and sharing information about it


(computing) an occasion when a user goes to a particular webpage

live blog

a blog or a microblog that provides a real time commentary of an event as it is happening


a sequence of linked messages on social media, email, etc.

blog post

any article or piece of information added to a blog, often including images, videos, etc.


a list of links on a blog to other websites that the owner thinks are useful

bulletin board

(computing) a computer network or an online website where users can leave messages and read other people's posts

search bar

a graphical interface element typically found on websites or applications that allows users to enter keywords, phrases, or queries to search for specific information or content within the provided platform

online forum

a web-based platform or website where users can engage in discussions, exchange ideas, ask questions, and share information on specific topics of interest


the act of voluntarily signing up or enrolling to receive regular updates, content, or services from a particular source or provider


a digital environment or software infrastructure that provides a foundation or framework for users or developers to create, interact, or exchange information, services, or content


information, criticism, or advice about a person's performance, a new product, etc. intended for improvement


a superior or exclusive level of quality, features, or benefits associated with a product, service, or experience


a feature on a website that enables the users to be notified of the updated information without logging on the website


a website dedicated to the buying and selling of items that are put in an auction by users


the act of copying and saving digital files, such as documents, music, or videos, from the internet onto a computer or other electronic device


the process of transferring or sending files, data, or content from a local device or computer to a remote server, network, or online platform


a continuously updated stream or list of news articles, updates, posts, or content that is delivered to users on a website or social media platform


a unique identifier or name chosen by a user to represent themselves or their account in online platforms, websites, or social media


all the data that can be seen on a screen at one time, such as a part of a website

to skip

to deliberately and quickly move past or jump over certain sections or portions of media, such as audio tracks, video segments, or chapters

World Wide Web

a network of information that is accessible to people when they use the internet


a sensational or misleading online content designed to attract clicks

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